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Dec 15, 2012 5:00am EST
yesterday in newtown, connecticut. 20 children and six adults gunned down inside an elementary school. we have the latest timeline. at 9:30 a.m., classes begin at sandy hook, the safe top schools. some teachers and faculty were gathered in the main office for a meeting. five minutes later they hear gunshots and duck. >> the principal, pictured right here, and also a school psychologist, confronted the gunman and become the shooter's first victim. the principal likely saved many likes there by turn on the school loudspeaker so that everyone could hear and that everyone could take cover in that school. shortly after, the first 9-1-1 calls started. police arrived in minutes. at 10:23 they entered the school and confirm that shooter is dead and they start moving children from harm's way. frantic parents and loved ones started to rush to the scene and later that day after we realize the magnitude of the shooting, at 3:17, president obama talking about this as he wives away his own tears addressing the nation. >> an entire community is now mourning this nightmare of a tragedy together. in all,
FOX Business
Dec 21, 2012 6:00pm EST
to be rebuilt. enjoying the holidays from temporary shelter. then there was the newtown, connecticut, massacre. that has influence the attitudes of friends and families and people i know. the tragedy of that day just a week ago, in which 26 people lost their lives, 24 of them were children between the ages of five and 10. it hangs over this usually happy season. even so, i feel grateful this year. maybe more than usual for my colleagues here at fox. with my friends and my family. we live in a country that yes, has its problems. and we talk about those problems everyday on the show. but the bottom line is this. you wouldn't want to live anywhere else, would you? i sure wouldn't. we have freedom, we have opportunity, and many of us, most of us have a roof over our heads and a safe place to sleep at night. the icing on the cake will be wrapped in boxes under the tree. but it will be in spending time with family and friends. and we know that now this year better than almost any year that i can ever remember. that, my friends, is a true blessing. merry christmas. that is what i think. now we want t
FOX Business
Dec 19, 2012 6:00pm EST
here for a little bit, what is going on in the aftermath of the newtown school shootings? dick's sporting goods, stopping the sale of guns, the aftermath of that. they are not the only ones. others are saying the same thing. >> it's hard to comment on any management position. but when a company recognizes that there has been a catastrophic event, it is really good for them to remove themselves in any of the products that contribute to that equation. we have certainly seen other companies mismanage listings. it has hurt the reputation and even the management themselves. this is a good move. this is about making sure that everyone is aware that they are doing what they feel is the responsible thing. gerri: thank you for your time today. still to come, my "two cents more". instagram and its controversial move regarding your photos. is it too little too late to save the brand's reputation? coming up next gerri: the recent move of a social media site. your privacy could be at stake. details coming up next. gerri: just moments ago, charlie gasparino broke the story of intercontinenta
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)